For Luuk Wilmering, everything can be material, there is no hierarchy in it. He likes to ignore existing categories and let phenomena flow into one another. The subjects that often come back in his work are history, nature, language, loneliness and everyday situations. His oeuvre comprises collage series, diorama's, colored photos, films, paintings, text works, artist's books, etc. He often works on project basis.

     The collages are always put together by hand, whereby proportions, perspective and light are carefully taken into account. If necessary, additional shadows are drawn in. People, animals and objects from different contexts enter into a new relationship with each other. The image is technically correct, but after the interventions the meaning of the scene has been mixed up, the stories have been upset and twisted. For this Wilmering uses home-made or existing photos, books, objects, collections and archives. By means of cutting and pasting, painting, drawing, coloring and photographing, he causes shifts and places a new emphasis. He presents the results in book form or in an installation, but also as individual prints and collages.


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Luuk Wilmering